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Community development

The school partnered with the Street Business School and four of our staff were trained for one week in business skills. Our staff has already utilized their training with the 189 trainees who participated in our adult literacy and business skills classes. Graduates of these classes frequently establish sustainable enterprises to help enhance their household incomes because the business skills training includes starting a business, community based village saving, and loan methodology.

Individual Small Business Development

After acquiring the skill, each individual designs and starts a business based on the opportunities around them. Here our staff only helps in:

  • Analyzing the feasibility of the business.

  • Providing technical support and evaluation.

  • We helped some trainees to start poultry and piggery businesses.

The School Clinic

The school clinic provides healthcare to our students and staff. We also conduct community health activities in partnership with area government health facilities. The clinic is run by a full time qualified enrolled nurse.

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