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Vocational Skilling 

Fr. Alex You Memorial School attaches great importance to the skilling of youth and adults partly because of the high rate of unemployment in the country.

Formal Technical Skilling

In 2015, a vocational secondary education program in the names of Raymond Vocational Secondary School was established. The school offers a unique curriculum of both normal Uganda secondary school syllabus and skilling subjects from which a student selects one. The vocational skilling subjects include agriculture, carpentry, tailoring, building and construction, and hair dressing.

At the end of Senior Three, the students sit for a Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) vocational examination and those who pass get a vocational certificate. At the end of Senior Four, the students sit for UNEB examination and those who pass get a UNEB O Level certificate. That means that at the end of the four years, a student graduates with two certificates.

Non-formal Technical Skilling

This is a special program for boys and girls who dropped out of school before completing either Primary Seven or Senior Four but are interested in learning a practical skill. They go through training for twelve months in either building and construction, tailoring, carpentry or hair dressing. At the end of the year, the trainee is assessed by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) and is awarded a certificate if he/ she passes.

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Building and construction





Cultural showcase

Computer class

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Hair dressing

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Secondary school

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