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My name is Akankwatsa Christine. I live in Mubende District, Kasambya County, Kigando Sub County, Mawujjo village.

I joined Fr. Alex You Memorial School in 2011. When I was promoted to primary seven (P7), I was required to join the boarding section but unfortunately my parents would not afford it, so I applied for a sponsorship and I was offered support by the school which provided me with school fees and the

material to use in the boarding section.

During my Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) exams I obtained a first grade with 9 aggregates. This was a great achievement, considering that this was the first time in my village that a student had ever got a first grade. I credit this success to AYM’s support that was instrumental in enabling me reach these heights.

In 2013, our class was the first to graduate in primary level exams and I was given sponsorship by Prof. Peter Kasenene to study at Mpoma Girls Secondary School in Kampala. I was elated. Schooling away from the village and having come from a poor background, I was so grateful for this opportunity to grow and learn in a new environment, thanks to Fr. Alex You Memorial School.

In my “O” level at senior four (S4) I sat for my Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams and got a first grade with 16 aggregates in the best 8 subjects. At “A” level I also received from the director and Principal Mrs. Ndyagambaki Scolastica of Mpoma Girls Secondary School.  In 2019, I sat for my “A” level-Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) exams offering Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics/ICT (BCM/ICT) and I am now in my vacation waiting for my results and hoping for the best.

I greatly thank God for Fr. Alex You Memorial School’s support and guidance on my educational journey. This has been a life changing moment for me.




I am a former student of Fr. Alex You Memorial school (AYM) and Raymond Vocational Secondary School (RAVOSS).

I am here to testify about the sponsorship I have got from both Fr. Alex You Memorial School (AYM) and Raymond Vocational Secondary School (RAVOSS). After my primary level at AYM where I was fully sponsored. On my family side, my father had neglected us and all family responsibilities were left to my poor mother who struggled and tried her best to sustain our family. She applied for sponsorship at Raymond Vocational Secondary School and it offered to sponsor me for the secondary level.


I joined the vocational secondary school (RAVOSS) where I offered tailoring as my vocational subject. I did my Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) Examinations in 2017 and got a certificate before my Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) exams. The skills I got enabled me to help my mother during the holidays and also make some money that helped me going back to school. I finished my senior four (S.4) level where I obtained 17 aggregates and I was among the best students in Mubende district.

I am at Five Star High School Ntungamo offering PCM/ICT at an advanced level (“A” Level). Prof. Peter Kasenene executive director and founder of AYM and RAVOSS is sponsoring me at this level of education. IMy dream is to become an engineer and I am working hard to ensure that I fulfill it. am still following my dream, I want to become an engineer and I am working harder and harder to fulfill it. If it were not for the schools support, I wouldn’t have got a chance to be in school.

In conclusion, I am what I am just because I joined both AYM and RAVOSS and got the sponsorship. I had lost all my hope and my dream was vanishing but I thank God because I can now see light in my future.




I am Namata Shalijah (Pictured). The Secondary School Head Girl. I am in Senior Three class. I love Chemistry. I enjoy it and I perform it so well. My dream is to become a human doctor and save lives.

I really want to send my appreciation to members who helped to provide us with a strong solar system. Indeed you need to be thanked and my the Almighty God bless you.

Before you had provided the solar system, we had a hard time when reading of books was on probability because power used to go off and on. In addition to that computer studies were not going on smoothly because of the little power we had at that time.

But after your support, reading of books is done on a daily basis because power is no longer going off. Now we do our computer studies without any disturbance since we are able to get enough power to connect them. We also watch educational movies since we are able to connect our television set.

Life at our school is okay. We don’t have any problem concerning lights. I would like to conclude by thanking you and may God bless you.

Namata  Shalijah

Head Girl at RAVOSS




I am Niwamanya Junior Albert (pictured). I am in senior three class. My ambition is to become a medical doctor.

Thank you very much for giving us access to clean water. With clean water, it has helped us in various ways as I may mention some of them below.

That water has helped us to live in a better life standard as we are now free from diseases such as flue, bilharzia, typhoid, and others.

The water has also helped us to save time for revision as water is very near within the school compound and we can have enough time for revision. The water has also saved us from long distance for fetching water from outside the school as you may not know what will happen there. It has also removed us from stress as we would be at risk of drowning as we used to fetch water from a dam (open water source).

Thanks to our supporter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the well-wisher who wholeheartedly financed the water and sanitation project at our School and even in the surrounding communities. The project has helped us in various ways as above and all in all, we have got enough time to read books and we hope to excel now that the water problem has been solved.

May the Lord God grant you all you need. Long live our supporter. Long live Raymond Vocational Secondary School. Long Live Alex You Memorial Limited.

Thank you very much

Niwamanya Junior Albert, Head Boy at RAVOSS.


Agarukamu Phionah


My name is Agarukamu Phionah. I am 13 years old. I am in Primary Three at Fr. Alex You Memorial School. My ambition is to be a nurse so that I can treat the people in my community.


I am a single orphan under sponsorship. The sponsorship has helped me to stay in school. I don’t have my father who would be paying for my school needs. My mother is a peasant. She cannot raise enough money to pay for quality education, food, and medical care.


My family has eight people. We are four sisters, three brothers, and my mum. My mother had given up educating me until she learnt that there is a sponsorship program for needy children by Alex You Memorial Limited at Fr. Alex You Memorial School.

I thank Fr. Alex You Memorial School for sponsoring me, my sister and my two brothers. We would be out of school now.




I am excited. I passed in division one with ten aggregates at the National Primary Leaving Exams at Fr. Alex You Memorial School. I was very happy for my success and I thanked my teachers for the great help they gave me in primary education.

If Fr. Alex You Memorial School was not in my community, I wouldn’t be in school now. The sponsorship program has kept me in school for education because my guardian (grandmother) would not be able to afford the school fees and other basic needs for me to study.

I was told that my father died when I was just two months in my mother’s womb. And unfortunately, my mother also died when I was nine years old. Before my mother died, she had gotten married to another man with whom she produced a brother. This brother of mine is not in school because my step father took him to his home and he is a drunkard.

Since I am sponsored, I will make sure that I study very hard so that I can continue performing so well at every level of education up to the end of my studies in order to achieve my ambition of being a medical doctor. I would love to treat and help the needy children in our community and other parts of the world.

Thank you for sponsoring me.




My name is Nambusi Sharifah (pictured). I am seventeen years old and a Senior Four candidate 2018 at Raymond Vocational Secondary School. I have ten siblings and five of us are in School.

I really feel very proud of my School for granting us opportunities like sponsorships in all ways. This helpful idea was brought to us by the Directors of our School so as to help each and every child in the community to have a quality education.

I would like to send a vote of thanks to the people responsible for our sponsorships because, I have gained a lot of deeds out of my sponsorship, which I would not have managed without the sponsorship, from both academics and vocational skills which are established at our School.


The School helps the poor, orphans, girl children and other students to access quality education. Some of us we wouldn’t be in school because at home they tent to prioritize boys over girls to go to school.

I have had successful studies from my Senior One up to Senior Four this year, 2018. Sponsorship has helped me to excel in my studies without interruptions. The School has tried to make sure that they fulfill some of the children’s rights so as to have important people in the future. May Almighty God bless the School Directors, Administrators, and the well-wishers of the school.

I love Biology, and I would like to be a professional doctor after.

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