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A primary five leaver scopes 95% in Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) final assessment at AYM

Mubende, UGANDA --- AYM Grant Coordinator & Public Relations Officer had an interview with a 21 years old Vian Niwabine who just completed his final assessment set by Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) on 26th November 2020. Vian was a scholarship beneficiary at AYM and he was the best performing student this year, scoping 95%. The schedule for the DIT final assessment in Vian's classroom Racheal: Tell me about yourself. Vian: I am a primary five leaver. I dropped out of school in 2014 after my father abandoned my mother with my other four siblings. Being the first born in my family, I decided to drop out of school and help my mother full time do farming to raise money for our upkeep and school fees for my three sisters and one brother. Racheal: What inspired you to join non-formal education? Vian: My passion for building and construction. This became easy and possible when Professor Kasenene employed my mother to work in his farm. We had to migrate from Bushenyi District to Mubende District where my mother would become a full-time worker in the farm. Very close to the farm, I found out about non-formal education at Fr. Alex You Memorial School that was offering brick laying and concrete practice. I applied in 2018, and I was admitted. Racheal: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Vian: I want to have a brick making business

Racheal: What has your experience at AYM been like? Vian: I did not only gain knowledge. From time to time, my teachers proved their confidence in my skills by inviting me to be part of building and construction activities at AYM. And each time I was called to work, I was paid

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