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The ‘new normal’ at Fr. Alex You Memorial School (AYM)

Mubende, UGANDA--- As COVID-19 continues to interfere with education system globally, Primary seven pupils and Senior four students at AYM continue to prep for their final examinations due in March 2021.

A senior four student in a classroom

AYM hasn’t had any case of COVID-19 at the school so far, as the entire school community continue to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) guidelines by Ministry of Education. AYM has gone ahead (Thanks to our partners!) to revise and improve the meals of its learners and staff. More fruits and vegetables have been included in the kitchen menu to boost their immunity. Full dosage of Vitamin C tablets are administered to each learner at AYM. The hand washing tools are being utilized, masks have been traditionalized, and social distancing isn’t only in the classroom but everywhere within the school premise.

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