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Diversification in the times of COVID-19

Mubende, UGANDA --- When COVID-19 locked out many from income generating activities, AYM elevated an economic empowerment project that its Founder, Prof. Peter Kasenene had started at a personal level in the community. Prof’s desire was to empower parents of our needy learners. Out of his pocket, he has been giving 5 birds and two piglets to Graduants from AYM Adult learning. To expand the project, his operation model was designed to expect returns of 5 birds and 2 piglets after their reproduction from every receiver in order to pass them on to other beneficiaries. Some pigs in Gertrude’s sty

AYM took over this project during lock-down and distributed birds and piglets to more members. This program is already yielding considering the feedback AYM keep fetching from beneficiaries. After carrying out a follow-up visit to one Gertrude’s farm who has already benefited, we found that she had expanded her pig sty, paid back the two piglets she received, and used money saved from the sale of other piglets towards the completion of her house. Gertrude is also using the waste products from the pigs as manure in her coffee garden; AYM is encouraging others to make use of these waste. AYM is closely monitoring this project to see how far it will transform lives economically.

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