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End Child Marriage Campaign by Fr. Alex You Memorial School (AYM) widens

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Mubende, UGANDA---After surveying and visiting several households to offer counseling services to their adolescent learners as a result of COVID-19 in July2020, AYM noticed the need to help all teenage children living in communities where their learners reside, irrespective of the schools they attend. Having rescued two AYM school girls who almost got married off, AYM realized how indispensable widening its counseling and emancipation service would help its neighboring communities.

Flyers pasted on the wall displaying AYM campaign message against child marriage

A mobile phone and a simcard were purchased in order to make available a hotline to enable those that need AYM help to reach out to AYM team for intervention or to involve the police where there is forced child marriage. Flyers displaying the campaign message and AYM availability to help the communities are currently displayed in radio stations, trading centers, public offices, and market places and at the main gate to Fr. Alex You Memorial School.

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